Jan 07

Do I Need Dental Cleaning Before Getting Braces?

Are you planning for dental braces? Great!! You are taking a great step towards your dental health. But, there are few things to remember before you meet your doctor for the appointment. The first step is to get your teeth cleaned before getting your braces. It is best to get an appointment with a professional or doctor to get your teeth cleaned.

Why is it Necessary to Get Your Teeth Cleaned Before Getting Braces?

There is a wide range of reasons that an orthodontist would require you to get a professional dental cleaning before starting braces. Certainly, it is a precaution to make sure you have clean teeth to avoid finding dental problems that require immediate attention. With cleaning, you will also get the assurance that your teeth and gums are healthy and also that you are ready to start with your bracing procedures.
Additionally, the orthodontist would want to know if you have any decay present in your teeth, before fixing the braces. If there is some tooth decay or related issues, your dentist would want you to treat it before getting braces. Braces are obstacles to the dentist’s ability to properly fix your teeth related issues. With decay already there and then fixing braces on it without treating the decay make the problem more severe. So, it is mandatory to get your teeth professionally cleaned before your braces.

What is the cost of teeth cleaning, before braces?

The normal cost of teeth cleaning before braces is the same as that of the expense of teeth cleaning at any time. There is nothing unique or special about this one.

The teeth cleaning cost will also rely on the severity of any dental issues that you may have. If you do not have the habit of visiting dentist regularly, then you may require a debridement procedure or scaling of teeth and root planing if your gums are not in good shape. This is usually called a profound cleaning. If you require either of those, you will need to make sure your local orthodontist and dentist are working closely together to keep an eye on any potential dental issues.

What are we looking for, at the teeth cleaning, before braces?

Before getting braces, people may want to check several important things during the dental cleaning. The foremost is to ensure that you have proper bone support for your teeth. If your orthodontist finds it is not, then the braces may cause you to lose your teeth! Sounds horrible right? That’s why your dentist insists on having a dental checkup before braces. The second important reason is that the doctor wants to make sure you are decay free. Next, he wants to ensure that there is no faulty dental work. Finally, he wants your gums to be in good health so that when he fixes the mounting brackets to the teeth, they do not come across abnormal or excessive bleeding that may cause the brackets to fail.

In case you get braces without a prior dental cleaning then the plaque may build up in between the teeth. Plaque is the main cause of cavities. It is also known as the calculus. This sticky white coating is deposited on the surface of the teeth and gums. Consisting essentially of bacteria, this substance will accumulate on the teeth. Plaque can easily be prevented and eliminated by regular brushing of the teeth. The immune system will react to bacterial invasion and cause inflammation known as gingivitis. In the absence of treatment, this inflammation of the gums can be complicated by periodontitis. The dental cleaning before putting on the brackets will remove all of the plaque.

Tips to prevent plaque buildup:

  • Brush thoroughly twice a day for 2 minutes to remove calculus from the surfaces of your teeth.
  • Flossing daily will help remove plaque that is present between your teeth and that is also under your gum line, where your toothbrush usually may not reach properly.
  • Reduce the sugary or starchy foods, particularly sticky snacks.
  • Schedule regular dental visits for professional dental cleanings and examinations each year.

Some foods just don’t do so well when braces are on, as they can pop the braces and damage the wires, which will not only destroy your day but will make you run back again to your orthodontist for repeated repairs. The week before you hit the orthodontist’s chair to have your braces fitted, ensure that you know the treats, as mentioned below, to avoid during treatment.
This includes:

  • Nuts and hard lollipops: They’re the key offenders for broken wires in regards to brackets, so get your fix before your braces are fitted!
  • Chewy and starchy foods (such as toffee): They may cause severe damage to the brackets on your metal braces
    Popcorn – Braces can act as a catcher for popcorn, so get the fill in the week before your braces treatment!
  • Hard crust pizza and bread
  • Crunchy fruits and vegetables, like whole pears, oranges, and carrots

Hence, in case you have not already done with your dental cleaning within the last few weeks, go back to your dentist for a dental checkup, scale and get your teeth cleaned. Your orthodontic practice needs your teeth as well as gums to be completely healthy before the fit your brackets.
Also, be certain to thoroughly brush your teeth and floss daily.

Here is a list of foods that need to be avoided before and after putting braces:

Although, while wearing braces most of the food is okay, you can chew easily if you cut into small pieces. There are certain foods. However, you need to reduce intake or should avoid, such as:

  1. Hard or tough to bite foods such as apples or bagels
  2. Chewy food such as toffee or caramel
  3. Corn sticks
  4. Hard crackers, popcorn, nuts, and carrots

Follow the tips and suggestions and have a healthy and happy dental hygiene. Happy smiling.