Oral Surgery

Step into a realm where advanced techniques meet compassionate care. Omega Dental’s oral surgery addresses a spectrum of needs with precision and ease, ensuring comfort and transformative results. Trust your smile’s evolution to our surgical expertise.

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Dental Extraction

Navigate the path of dental extractions with Omega Dental’s empathetic, expert care. Our team prioritizes your comfort while expertly removing troubled teeth, setting the stage for a healthier oral environment. Whether preparing for orthodontics or addressing decay, our gentle extraction process is a step towards your brighter, pain-free smile.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Entrust your wisdom tooth extraction to Omega Dental, where sophisticated care meets patient comfort. Our experienced team skillfully navigates the complexities of wisdom teeth, providing relief from pain and potential complications. With a focus on your well-being and a smooth recovery, we turn a daunting procedure into a pathway for enduring oral health.

Sedation Dentistry

Transform your perception of dental visits with Omega Dental’s sedation dentistry. We offer a tranquil journey through necessary procedures, alleviating anxiety and ensuring comfort with professional sedation options. From mild relaxation to deeper sedation, we cater to your needs, allowing for stress-free, painless dental care. Embrace a serene dental experience that prioritizes your comfort and peace of mind.

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Our Specialty Dentists are specially trained to provide you with the best oral care and answer any of your questions and concerns you may have towards the care of your oral health.

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Centrally located between Midtown and Downtown Houston, Omega Dental Specialists Houston is your convenient and safe choice for all of your adult and pediatric dental needs.

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What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is a specialized branch of dentistry that involves surgical procedures performed on the mouth, jaw, and facial regions to address various dental and oral health issues.

What are some common reasons for oral surgery?

Common reasons for oral surgery include tooth extraction (including wisdom teeth removal), dental implant placement, corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery), treatment of oral infections, bone grafting, biopsy of oral lesions, and surgical treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Is oral surgery painful?

Oral surgery procedures are typically performed under local anesthesia, which numbs the surgical area and minimizes discomfort during the procedure. Some procedures may also be performed under general anesthesia or sedation for patients who experience anxiety or require more extensive treatment.