What is the average cost of Snap on?

cost of snap on dentures

The average cost of Snap-on Dentures in Houston is generally between $6,000 and $11,000. This cost depends on several factors, such as the type of dentures and the number of implants needed. Other services, such as X-rays or bone grafts, also affect the final full denture implant cost.

What are snap-on dentures?

snap-on dentures are a type of implant-supported denture that replaces missing teeth. These implants provide an alternative to traditional dentures, which tend to be more uncomfortable and can cause other problems. If you have several missing teeth from damage or decay, full mouth denture implants could be the right choice for you.

These permanent dentures are available as fixed implants or removable dentures implants, also known as overdentures. Fixed implants provide a convenient way to replace your missing teeth. When you have these types of denture implants, you do not have to worry about taking them in and out for cleaning.

In most cases where implants are used to hold a lower denture in place, four implants are placed Conversely, when a full upper implant and denture assembly is required as few as two dental implants can be used. Whether talking about an upper or lower denture placement, usually a snap-type system is incorporated to hold the dentures firmly in place about dental implants. This is a highly reliable system that ensures the denture stays in place so that normal eating, talking and smiling can be enjoyed.

Snap on Procedure and Cost Breakdown

How much are snap on dentures? The price you can expect to pay overall for these types of implants varies significantly depending on different factors. Full dentures implants cost factors vary based on how many teeth you are replacing, whether any need to be removed, and whether or not you need grafts. The average cost of dental implant dentures generally depends on the following factors.

Snap on Dentures Cost Breakdown

Imaging tests

Teeth removal

Bone graft procedures


Full dentures implants total price


$25 to $200

$75 to $650

$250 to $3,000

$1,600 to $2,000

$6,000 to $11,000

Initial Denture Implant Consultation

This visit is an important one when you are thinking of getting denture implants. During this visit, you will meet with a dental implant specialist to discuss your options and undergo an evaluation. This evaluation helps your specialist determine if denture implants are a suitable option for you. You can ask questions about denture implants or bring up any concerns you have about them during your consultation.

  • Cost: $150. Omega Dental Specialists does not charge for initial denture implant consultations. However, other places do charge for this visit. During your free consultation, you can expect to have a pre-treatment evaluation done and receive an estimate on permanent dentures implant cost.

Imaging Tests

Your dental implant specialist will need to do imaging tests to get more information on how healthy your teeth, gums, and jawbone are. This typically involves having X-rays taken, but you might need to have additional imaging tests done if your specialist needs more information. For example, you might end up needing to have CT scans done.

  • Cost: $25 to $200. Imaging tests can vary widely in terms of pricing. X-rays tend to cost less than more detailed scans, such as CT scans. The number of imaging tests you need to have also affected the price you’ll pay for these scans.

Teeth Removal

If you still have teeth in your mouth that are severely damaged or decayed, you will need to have them removed before you can get denture implants. If these teeth have already fallen out, you will not need to add the cost of tooth extractions to your final dentures implant cost. Tooth removals might involve a simple procedure, or you might need to have a more complex or invasive one done.

  • Cost: $75 to $650. Depending on the type of tooth extraction you need to have, this cost will vary. Simple removals cost far less than complex ones that require surgical extraction. The number of extractions you need to have done also affects the final cost of your fixed dentures implants.

Bone Graft Procedures

When you do not have a healthy jawbone available to hold full dentures implants in place, you might need to have bone grafts done. These grafts can add bone tissue to your jaw where needed in order to hold implants securely. Your dental implant specialist can determine if you need to have bone grafting done. In some cases, this involves taking healthy bone tissue from one part of your body and placing it in your jawbone. Keep in mind that these procedures can also vary in price.

  • Cost: $250 to $3,000. Bone graft prices come in a wide range based on the number needed, the amount of tissue that needs to be replaced, and the source of healthy bone tissue. Bone grafts that are done using your body tissue are less expensive than bone grafts that come from different sources.

[See: Bone Grafting for Dental Implants ]

Materials for Dentures Implants

The kinds of materials used can have an impact on full dentures implant prices, such as zirconia or titanium.

  • Cost: $1,600 to $2,000. The price you’ll end up paying for full denture implants will depend on the material that is used.

Full Dentures Implants

How much do full denture implants cost overall? The final cost depends on whether you’re getting removable or fixed denture implants, how many you need, how many teeth need to be removed, and whether you need bone grafts. Overall, the price for dentures implants can range considerably.

  • Cost: $11,000 to $40,000. This wide range of prices gives you an idea of how much you might expect to pay for dentures implants. This will vary depending on whether you get removable or fixed dentures implants and the number of implants you need.

Dentures Implants With and Without Insurance

Dental insurance can cover some of the cost of full dentures implants if your policy includes these. Not all insurance policies do include coverage for these kinds of implants. When you do not have insurance coverage for dentures implants, the cost will be considerably higher. However, you can still expect to pay some of the cost even with insurance coverage.

Financing for Dentures Implants

You can look into getting financing to help you pay for dentures implants. Financing options can provide you with an affordable monthly payment plan so that you do not have to pay for the full cost of these implants upfront. Instead, you can break this final cost down into several payments that fall within your budget. With this kind of option, you do not have to avoid or delay getting full dentures implants.

Options for Full Dentures Implants

What kinds of options do you have when you’re looking for full dentures implants near me? Your dental implant specialist can go over all of the options that are available to you based on certain factors, such as how many implants you need.

For full mouth implants, All on 4 dental implants provide a more efficient way to replace all or most of your teeth. These implants come in a set of four that your dentist places on each part of your jaw. Instead of having many separate dental implants placed in your jaw to replace these teeth, you will only have up to four implants done. These implants act as anchors or bridges to hold your replacement teeth firmly in place.

When you’re looking to replace your missing teeth quickly and conveniently, you can talk to your dental implant specialist in Houston about new teeth in one day. This faster method provides you with dental implants the same day instead of having you wait until your jawbone is fully healed. Since the healing can take weeks, same-day implants significantly reduce this time. You’ll have temporary implants put in place until you are ready for permanent dentures.

What are the advantages of snap on in comparison to dentures?

– Implant and Bone Integration

Most notable of all is the fact that dental implants as they heal become directly bonded to the jawbone. Implants become part of the patient’s jaw. This permanent and secure type of placement helps to reduce bone loss in the immediate area of the implant. Dental implants then become anchors for everything from bridges to crowns and even partial or full dentures. It should be noted that the number of dental implants needed to hold a denture in place varies based on each patient’s case.

– Easy Removal And Cleaning

Most importantly, patients experience a greater level of confidence knowing that dentures will not loosen or fall out unexpectedly. As an added advantage, this type of denture arrangement allows for easy removal and cleaning where the dentures can then only be snapped back into place as necessary. There are a variety of designs and systems available today when it comes to this type of combination dental implant and denture arrangement. Talk with your dental care provider to learn more.

A dental implant is an ideal solution for people who have lost teeth from periodontal disease, injury, or other reasons. An artificial root is placed in the jaw and holds a replacement tooth or bridge. Perhaps most important of all when it comes to replacing damaged, or missing teeth is the patient’s overall quality of life. Enjoying life to the fullest without having to worry about your teeth is one clear reason to choose dental implants. Feeling confident in public and enjoying socializing without being self-conscious because of missing or damaged teeth have never been easier or more convenient thanks to advanced implant technology. Implants alleviate dependency on removable dentures or other types of tooth-supported replacement treatments that can easily become dislodged or fall out while talking or eating. Restorations incorporating dental implants allow individuals of any age to live life to the fullest without worry or uncertainty.

– Natural Appearance

Though it is artificial, an implanted tooth will look natural—boosting your self-confidence and helping you feel good about your smile.

– Maintaining Integrity of Other Teeth

You will not sacrifice the health of neighboring teeth. Unlike dentures or even bridges, dental implants are durable, stable, and sustainable. Implants are designed in such a way so as to feel, look, and fit like natural teeth. While other treatments can result in bone deterioration, implants are far more reliable in this regard. Also, dental implants do not interfere with speaking, smiling, eating, or other similar routine daily activities.

– Improved Bone Health

The implant preserves your jawbone and keeps it healthy and intact. Ask any dental care provider and they will tell you that leaving empty spaces in your mouth resulting from lost teeth can cause additional dental and health-related problems. In fact, leaving empty spaces where teeth once existed can ultimately cause other teeth to loosen and fall over time. The jawbone can experience bone deterioration and bone loss gave enough time due to improper care when teeth have fallen out and have not been replaced. In short, when the jawbone is not fulfilling its job of supporting teeth it loses strength and firmness and ultimately bone mass. Dental implants prevent bone loss and even serve to actually stimulate healthy bone growth.

Implants are Designed To Retain A More Natural Smile

While a bridge needs to be replaced every few years. An implant is built to last a lifetime. Dental implants are considered to be a long-term dental solution. Indeed, in most instances “dental bridges” are only intended to last a maximum of seven to 10 years. This means that bridges must be replaced at regular intervals costing patients time, money, and convenience. Conversely, dental implants can easily last a lifetime when properly maintained. While implants do require occasional adjustments, they are clearly proven to be far superior to bridges or dentures. In addition, implants help to keep a natural face shape and a natural smile. This is always best achieved by replacing missing teeth whenever necessary. The skin of the face can actually sag and cause a face to look sad and sunken when teeth go missing. Dental implants prevent this from happening by allowing the patient to maintain a vibrant smile and the natural shape of their face.

– Healthy Bone Is Protected

When teeth are lost for any number of reasons they leave a space that can lead to additional health-related issues as mentioned. Implants are unique in that they prevent the jawbone from deteriorating and thus losing strength and firmness.

This innovative dental care is considered to be one of the only types of restoration treatments that preserve, stimulates, and protect natural bone.

– Greater Functionality

While dentures require constant care, maintenance, and upkeep, dental implants allow patients to keep their teeth in their mouth permanently. Dentures can slip, fall out, or become dislodged quite easily. Implants are far more reliable and can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth. This provides for greater levels of confidence and allows patients to enjoy more freedom, convenience, and quality of life. In short, implants enable individuals to experience life to the fullest. As an added benefit, because they function exactly like natural teeth, speaking, and pronouncing words is more natural. Dentures often create difficulty when forming words and can make it challenging to talk in general.

– Never Worry About Cavities

Being able to bite naturally and eat just about any food is best achieved by taking full advantage of all that dental implant technology has to offer. Those who wear removable dentures would likely agree that eating is frequently awkward and uncomfortable. Implants allow patients to taste and enjoy their favorite foods with confidence. Dental implants do not interfere with the taste of food and offer full chewing, biting, and eating functionality as would be expected with natural teeth. Best of all, cavities are a thing of the past when enjoying all the modern advanced implant technology provides. Simply stated, an implant restored type crown is completely resistant to cavities. That said, patients should still visit their dental care provider for routine cleaning and attention.


Risks of Denture Implants

Are dentures worth it? Denture implants have certain risks associated with them, but this is true of any type of implant. Even traditional dentures come with certain risks, such as gum infections or bone loss. With full dentures implants, the risks are minimal. When you are determined to be a good candidate for these types of implants, you have a much lower risk of running into complications, such as failed denture implants or infections.

Your dental implant specialist will make sure that you are considered a suitable candidate for denture implants before this procedure. This involves checking to see if you have enough healthy bone in your jaw to support denture implants. If you do not, your dental implant specialist can discuss the option of having a bone graft done to add healthy bone tissue. This helps ensure that your denture implants will be able to fully heal and fuse with this tissue.

If you have gum problems, your periodontist can take care of them before you have denture implants done. For example, if you have gum disease, you might have certain procedures done to restore your gums to a healthy condition. Having healthy gums is an important part of making sure that you have no complications when you get denture implants.