Treatment Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing a tooth is a significant liability to both your facial appearance and dental hygiene. Ideally, it is surprising how missing a single front tooth can ruin a perfect smile. Statistics show that most middle-aged Americans miss at least one tooth, with a significant percentage of them missing even two to three teeth. To most people, losing a wisdom tooth may seem like an unfixable problem. However, that is not the case, as several methods can replace the wisdom tooth that is missing. There great ways to improve your smile due to the growing dental technology in the industry. The importance of replacing missing teeth is that you will smile in public confidently.

On top of that, replacing missing teeth also ensures your oral hygiene is exceptional. What to do when you have no teeth is a commonly asked question, and many treatment options are available to help people with replacing missing teeth. Some of the options for missing teeth include dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

Options for Missing Teeth

Dental Implants

Dental implants are some form of artificial teeth that fill the gap left by missing teeth. Generally, implants get precisely fit in the space left by the missing teeth, up to the root area. They come from various materials ranging from porcelain to acrylic and even metal on some occasions. Dental implants are the most preferred when replacing missing teeth lost from injury or periodontal illnesses. Implants are the best options for missing teeth, especially those at the front. A person undergoes a surgical procedure to fit the artificial tooth in the space left by missing teeth.

Do dental implants last forever? This has been a question in many peoples’ minds as permanent solutions are preferred to replace missing teeth. During the dental procedure, the artificial crown is fixed in the jawbone, ensuring it remains firm, even when chewing hard foods. Besides that, the implants have a natural look that is indistinguishable from any other tooth. Most often, people claim they feel natural and very comfortable. The maintenance cost associated with this treatment option is relatively lower.

This treatment is advantageous as the adjacent tooth will not be adjusted or reshaped during the surgery. Besides, the success rates associated with treatment options like this are exceptionally high, with only a few cases of bad results. Moreover, a dental implant is the only method that ensures the jaw bone remains intact, and it is the most recommended.

While dentists highly suggest dental implants in replacing missing teeth, there are several disadvantages associated with the method. The dental implant process is long and very delicate, causing many people to shy away from the treatment. This method also requires repeated visits to the dentists, which are time-consuming since the dental implants process is engaging. The cost of dental implants in replacing teeth is too high compared to other treatments due to the surgical procedure involved. The dental implants timeline is known to extend for even three weeks. Dental implants cost breakdown has resulted in many patients seeking alternative methods as the process is very costly. Furthermore, the treatment is invasive as it entails a surgical procedure where the tooth gets connected to the jaw bone.

Dental Bridges

As suggested by the name, dental bridges act as a cover for the space left after losing a tooth. It is mainly made from porcelain, though metals contribute to their manufacturing process too. The two supporting teeth have to be newly shaped to fit the crown, therefore, ensuring stability. The two teeth holding the crown are abutment teeth. Dental implants, rather than abutment teeth, support implant bridges. Essentially, this method of replacing missing teeth is necessary if one does not want their other teeth to get reshaped, or the adjacent tooth cannot support the bridge efficiently. Replacing missing teeth has become very stress-free due to this technology. For a missing side tooth, this remedy is highly suggested. Resin-bonded bridges are slightly different from the other types, as wings get used rather than crowns. Visit Omega Dental Specialists in Houston city, Texas, to explore more about these options for replacing missing teeth.

One of the main advantages of dental bridges is that it ensures the other adjacent tooth does not fall out of order, as each tooth is well supported. The abutment teeth get support from the crown and remain aligned with the rest of the set. Additionally, dental bridges offer support to the lips, giving them a uniquely appealing look. They are also very comfortable, even during chewing, and this is because they are relatively light. The time needed to fit dental bridges is somewhat shorter because it takes three weeks to complete the whole procedure. On top of that, they are relatively durable, provided one maintains general oral hygiene, and they also visit the dentist for timely checkups. The cost of dental bridges is relatively cheaper compared to that of dental implants.
Some of the demerits linked with dental bridges include reshaping a natural tooth to fit the crown. Study shows that the reshaping of the abutment teeth causes them to be loosely attached, and they may also fall out. Healthy adjacent teeth could pose a significant challenge in this missing teeth treatment, as the other options would be needed to hold the crowns. Dental bridges get viewed as temporary remedies because they are fragile, and they could break at any time. The tooth extraction healing time associated with this treatment is also quite long.

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Dentures are removable teeth used to fill the gap of a missing tooth. They come from nylon or resin, and on some occasions, a combination of the two. There are several treatment options for dentures used to fill gaps left behind from a tooth loss. Removable dentures get used when a tooth on a specific arch needs replacement. In truth, the use of dentures could quickly solve missing teeth. This type of denture is mostly preferred because it is more stable compared to the others.

People missing a side tooth prefer this method. Complete dentures are a type of dentures used only when all the teeth on a single arch need replacement. In most cases, these removable teeth get used when one has lost teeth due to an accident or injury. This type of denture gets recommended for people missing bottom teeth. Copy dentures are also an emerging trend, and they are a replica of a person’s initial dentures. This particular type is most common among the older generation because they are already used to their dentures. Omega Dental Specialists in Houston city, Texas, has been listed among the best providers of such services. This treatment is an excellent option for missing teeth.

Dentures are easily cleanable as they are removable. Ideally, a soft brush and denture cleaner are the only materials needed to clean them. Acid cleaners could also be used from time to time, though they are not essential. These removable teeth, therefore, ensure proper oral hygiene is maintained. Additionally, dentures will remarkably improve your appearance since they perfectly fit in the gaps left behind by lost teeth. Dentures provide support to facial muscles, specifically those of the cheeks, giving you a youthful appearance. For missing bottom teeth, dentures are highly recommended, as they are quite gentle with the gum. The cost associated with dentures is relatively lower than the costs related to implants and dental bridges. Most people tend to lean towards dentures rather than other treatment options since it is a quicker alternative. Moreover, dentures are also safer because the treatment requires little surgical indulgence.

One of the main demerits associated with dentures is that they are removable and viewed as a temporary solution. If not well attached, the tooth could fall off, leading to an embarrassing scenario. Dentures easily get damaged from eating hard foods, limiting the patient’s diet since they will have to avoid frozen foods. Furthermore, dentures are uncomfortable because they are loose. Hence, they may sway while eating. The maintenance cost of dentures is high since frequent replacement is needed, and the constant realignment also increases costs. Dentures are easily lost because they have to get removed daily to allow the gums some rest. On top of that, the frequent interaction of the dentures with gums may lead to painful sores.

Impact of Missing a Tooth

Missing a tooth may seem like a small issue, but its implications go a long way. A perfect smile and someone’s facial appearance gets destroyed by losing a single tooth. Losing a tooth is also associated with dire oral problems that might grow into more severe problems. Molars and premolars are enormously helpful with crushing and grinding food. Therefore, losing such a tooth could significantly affect one’s diet since they will not eat certain foods. Teeth are also quite essential for speech, and their loss could lead to some articulation problems.

Best Treatment Option

Although several treatment options for missing teeth, dental implants are the most recommended since they are permanent. Additionally, this method is also safer and comfortable because each tooth gets given enough consideration. Although its cost might be high, the benefits associated with this treatment are incredibly advantageous.