Permanent Teeth in 1 Day

Teeth in one Day

Considering same day dental implants? Missing teeth or dental irregularities can be a life altering experience and cause you to lose your confidence in your smile. In an appearance driven society, a great smile is more important than ever especially with older adults competing with the younger generation in many areas of work and entertainment roles.
According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, the average adult age 20 to 64 in the United States, out of 32 teeth, they have an average of 24.92 remaining teeth. However, with the proper dental care, many dental patients can have confidence in a new smile.

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What Permanent Teeth In 1 Day?

Permanent teeth in 1 day is a comprehensive smile you can call your own. Dental experts explain; “it’s a whole new set of teeth.” Unlike dentures, permanent teeth in 1 day are a set of fixed teeth which uses as few as four dental implants and won’t slip or dislodge. With state of art equipment, dental expertise, and minimally invasive treatment to give you a new smile, permanent teeth in 1 day have worked for many people.

Who’s A Candidate?

There are many factors that make dental patients a viable candidate for permanent 1 day teeth, but there a few incidents that make you a non-candidate. We’ll give you a few cases that make you ineligible for same day permanent teeth and several reasons why you’d make a perfect dental patient for permanent teeth in 1 day.
Colgate says; people that are not a good candidate for dental implants includes:

  • pregnant women
  • young people who still have growing jawbones
  • patients with systemic problems or chronic diseases
  • heavy-smokers

Now for the people who are great permanent teeth in 1 day candidates. More importantly, dental patients that have lost or are set to lose the entirety of their upper or lower teeth are a great candidate for permanent teeth in 1 day. Plus,

  • dental patients with missing teeth
  • patients in need of more than one (i.e. multiple dental implants)
  • denture wearers
  • patients with healthy gums
  • dental patients that want to restore their ability to chew by 70-90%
  • patients that want immediate results
  • with enough jawbone for the implants to be successful
  • patients committed to taking care of their new teeth

Many people don’t realize how important their teeth are to their nutrition, self esteem, and appearance until it’s too late. Permanent teeth in 1 day has allowed thousands of patients to regain their former confidence in their smile. Unfortunately, the absence of your natural teeth or synthetic tooth roots can cause patients to look older, notice increased wrinkles around the mouth and neck, and appear to have much thinner lips. Ironically, it becomes harder to function in their face-to-face and interpersonal relationships.
Permanent teeth in 1 day allows you to safely get surgically fixed teeth in one day while you’re safely under IV sedation. After comprehensive x-rays, 3D CT scans, and an impression of your teeth, you’re on the way to having a new smile you can take pride in. A model of the dental implants are placed on the jawbone and then you can rest assured, you’re only hours away from a confident new smile. A plan is put underway and your surgery is scheduled. Unlike other dental procedures, you’ll feel very little to no pain and can return to normalcy almost immediately following the surgery.
With secure payment options and financing, you can take charge of your life again. You’ll never have to worry about surprise fees once the surgery is performed. Expert dental professionals just want you to feel good about the way you look and restore the confidence you once had in your smile.
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Dental care is essential because it promotes your wellbeing. Unfortunately, you can suffer tooth loss as a result of various factors including injury, periodontal disease, or tooth decay. Losing your teeth is painful, and adjusting your lifestyle after such an experience will prove a challenge as well. The good news is that you can save the situation after losing your teeth by visiting a dentist.
Some of the common remedies for missing teeth are dentures and bridges, but with the recent improvements in dental care, patients have the option of dental implants too. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for a dental implant.

Gum Disease Prevention

Any gap in your mouth as a result of teeth loss can trap food and bacteria, and sometimes you may not notice that there are food particles in a missing tooth gap that remain there for a while. The reaction between the bacteria and food particles in your missing tooth gap is what results in gum disease and treatment for this condition can be expensive depending on the extent of the damage.
Opting for dental implants for missing teeth can prevent gum disease, and that will give you value for your money too.

You Cannot Tell The Difference

One of the questions at the back of the minds of most individuals when selecting a replacement for their missing teeth gaps is whether what they opt for will restore the normal functioning of their teeth. Dental implants become a preferable choice for most individuals because they behave like natural teeth, which suggests that patients will experience a restoration of full chewing power and telling the difference in this case is not easy.
Also, flossing and brushing your teeth is typically possible when you opt for a dental implant.

Improves The Stability of Adjacent Teeth

Failing to replace missing teeth is not an option because doing so will cause adjacent teeth to shift crookedly towards the existing gap. The shifting of your adjacent teeth if you have a missing tooth gap will pull the former out of position and that will affect your appearance, bite, and the probability of getting a tooth replacement in the future.
A dental implant improves the stability of adjacent teeth, which can also eliminate TMJ issues that cause headaches and pain.

Longer Lifespan

One of the setbacks of a dental bridge is that a replacement may be necessary after some time and that will be an additional cost on your part. A dental implant can last a lifetime because it is biocompatible, which means that it is not toxic, and it comfortably integrates with your jawbone too. If you do not want to pay for missing teeth replacements in the future, you should consider dental implants because they have a longer lifespan.

Prevention of Facial Sagging and Premature Aging

Missing teeth have a significant impact on your appearance if you choose to stay without replacing them. Facial sagging as a result of bone loss is common among people with missing teeth, which makes such individuals appear older than their exact age. Some of the effects of facial sagging include a more pointed chin, excess wrinkles around the mouth, and thinning lips.
When you opt for a dental implant, you will keep the lower third of your face from collapsing, which introduces the effects of bone loss as a result of missing teeth.
A tooth gap affects your health, appearance, and overall wellbeing, and that is why considering a replacement of missing teeth is necessary. Dental implants will prove a better option for those who are planning to replace missing teeth because they improve dental health. If you need more information on the benefits of a dental implant, contact us today!
In an appearance driven society, dental health is taking a priority stance among younger and seasoned adults alike. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, “more than 36 Americans do not have any teeth, and 120 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth.” Thus, many people are opting for dental procedures will restore their smile. They’re looking for visual results that will give them their confidence in their teeth and same day permanent teeth is a great alternative to dentures.

What Are Same Day Permanent Teeth?

Permanent teeth in one day offers dental patients a replacement set of teeth for a whole new smile. Whether you’re suffering from poor oral health or bad dental habits, same day permanent teeth offer a proactive and minimally invasive treatment option with a permanent set of teeth. Find out if you’re a candidate for same day permanent teeth by reading more details below.

Who’s A Candidate?

  • patients with severe failing/missing teeth
  • patients in need of multiple dental implants
  • patients who wear dentures

What Are The Effects Of Missing Teeth Or Dentures

Missing teeth or the absence of dental roots can minimize your jaw making you appear older. This also changes the shape of your face and results in your jaw collapsing. In fact, your skin will start to wrinkle and your lips appear thinner than what they actually are. The signs of missing teeth will gradually began to show up around the jaw and neckline. In fact, you can quickly lose your confidence and it can be harder to presume interpersonal and work relationships.

How Does The Procedure Work?

As advanced dental implants, permanent same day teeth provide a graftless solution that replace your existing worn or missing teeth. An entirely new arch is anchored onto your jaw. Ironically, 1 day teeth actually function just like your teeth. Unlike dentures, you never have to worry about 1 day permanent teeth moving. Patients return to normalcy in one day with a whole new smile to be proud of. You’ll love having a new beautiful smile with immediate results.
Start With An Exam 
Patients sit down and talk to a professional prosthodontists to discuss a comprehensive dental plan. They will exam the current condition of your teeth including missing teeth or denture wearers.
State-Of-The-Art Diagnostics
We provide a comprehensive CT scan, jaw relation, and advanced impressions of your teeth in one day to find out if you’re a candidate for 1 day permanent teeth procedure.
1 day Surgery Planning 
Your new teeth are positioned on the jawbone in one day from an advanced 3D model giving you optimal support of the replacement teeth. Your surgery is scheduled, once a plan is formulated.
1 Day Precision Teeth For Your Teeth 
Finally, you’re ready for your surgery. This includes tooth extractions, bone shaping, and dental implant placement. In fact, your surgery is performed under IV sedation. In just a few hours, your surgery is complete and you can go home with confidence in your new smile. Many patients go back to their normal lives with very little to no pain at all.

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We have a history of longevity that none of our local area competitors can match. Our professionals offer our patients individualized dental care. You won’t end up just another number by choosing our dentistry professionals to perform your dental services. We’re dedicated in helping our patients achieve a smile they can be completely proud of with non-invasive dental services. We’re proud to say; “we perform hundreds of procedures each year.”
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