Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants in Houston, TX

Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants

The average cost of full mouth dental implants is around $40000. However the final price depends on several factors and necessary treatments and procedure. Dental implants could be an excellent choice if you have missing teeth and you want any replacements to look and function naturally. Knowing how much dental implants cost in Houston, TX is only one consideration that you’ll need to think about when making a decision — albeit it’s an important one.

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Dental Implants Cost for One Tooth

Dental implants are a form of surgery so the costs associated with the cost for one must bear this fact in mind. That being said, there are a number of factors that could increase the cost. These factors are difficult to predict from patient to patient until a thorough consultation has been performed by a skilled dental skill.

A good general rule of thumb regarding the cost of a dental implant for one crown is between $1,000 and $3,000. This number does not include the surgery itself, the physician’s fees or any other procedures you might need such as a bone graft.

Dental Implants Cost for Multiple Teeth

Many people think that if they have multiple teeth missing, then they’ll need a number of implants and that their cost for the procedure will increase. Because an implant might not be needed for each individual tooth, though, your cost for multiple teeth might actually be less than you envision.

One of the reasons why it might not be necessary for you to have an implant for each tooth that’s missing is because there could be other options. For example, a bridge or dentures might be a better choice, depending on your own unique situation.

It’s important to get a thorough consultation with a dental surgeon who has extensive experience in assisting patients with developing a treatment plan. Only after a comprehensive evaluation will the dentist be able to provide you with a plan of action as well as an estimation of the costs involved.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost

The cost of full mouth dental implants is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Because each person’s mouth is highly individualized, so, too will be the cost that they will pay for dental implants. While an exact dollar figure regarding the cost of implants is not able to be given without a thorough examination and exploration of the numerous factors involved, it is possible to generalize.

Doing so provides you with an estimate that you can then work with. Just remember that your actual costs are dependent on factors that are unique to you. The only way to get an accurate cost estimate is to schedule a consultation with a dental team like Omega Dental Specialists in Houston.

One reason why it is difficult to obtain an accurate cost is due to the numerous factors involved. Some of these include the location of the tooth and its size. It also depends on the material that the implant is made of.

  • Porcelain crown
    A porcelain crown can cost from around $800 upwards to about $3,000 per tooth. These kinds of implants are popular because they have the most natural appearance. This makes them the ideal choice if you need to have a front tooth replaced.
  • Base metal or gold alloys
    These metal crowns are fracture-resistant so they are ideal for those teeth that must handle a great deal of bite force. They are a good choice for molars. Their costs can range from $830 to $2,465 and up for each tooth.
  • Porcelain fused to metal
    Because porcelain crowns are fused to a metal base, they are not as not likely to become scratch or chipped as those that are made solely of porcelain. These could cost you between $875 and $1,400 for each tooth.

In addition to the materials used to make the crown, you’ll also need to have the actual implant made of you. In most cases, titanium and its alloys are the metals of choice when it comes to making implants.

As with the other decision involving dental implants, a consultation with a professional dental team like the one at Omega Dental Specialists is necessary to determine the best solutions with regard to the particular materials that are best for your situation. Only after a comprehensive examination will it become evident to the dentist what the ideal material is for your crown and implant.

Other Costs Associated with Full Mouth Dental Implants

It’s important to note that when you are discussing the cost of a dental implant — regardless of how many teeth are involved — it is typically limited solely to the implant itself, the abutment that is custom-made for you alone and the porcelain that is fused to the metal crown. Any other costs associated with dental implants are extra and are not typically included in a quote you receive. Some examples include — but are not limited to — the following:

  • Consultation
    Prior to any dental work, especially something as complex and important as dental implants, it’s vital to have a consultation with the dental professional. The consultation consists of a number of parts including an oral examination and x-rays. This information is used to open a discussion about treatment options and leads to the development of a treatment plan. At Omega Dental Specialists we offer 100% complimentary dental consultation.
  • Tooth Extractions
    Extracting the tooth or teeth that need to be replaced is a separate procedure that must be completed before moving on to the implant stage. Not surprisingly, the more teeth that must be extracted, generally the higher the cost for the procedure. Tooth extraction could cost between $teeth 65-$600 and more depending on the case.
  • Bone Graft
    One of the most common reasons for choosing an implant as a solution for missing teeth due to decay, injury or infection is that they protect your remaining teeth as well as the integrity of your facial bones. Not only do dental implants encourage the growth of new bone, but they can help prevent the loss of bone and the deterioration of the jawbone. Click here to learn more about Bone Graft in Houston.

That being said, it is often necessary for a person who is getting a dental implant to also have a bone graft. This could be due to a lack of sufficient bone to anchor the implant at the site.

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