How to get Affordable Dental Implants in Houston

Affordable Dental Implants in Houston

If you are looking for affordable dental implants in Houston, come and visit Omega Dental Specialists to explore your treatment options and take advantage of our $65 dental implants special. If you’re like most people, you prefer to keep your expenditures on essential items as low as possible. If you’ve been considering dental implants, you may be concerned about how much dental implants cost and how to find the best price for them while not sacrificing quality. This can be particularly concerning to those who don’t carry dental insurance plan — and even then, some insurance policies don’t cover the entire cost of implants. However, it’s also important to note that not getting necessary dental procedures may end up costing you more in the long run. Because the cost of implants is going to be different for each patient, we’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate after an initial consultation and examination. We offer $65 dental implants that may be just the right fit for you.

Dental implants, for instance, can improve long-term oral, dental health in a variety of ways. For instance, traditional dental bridges require reducing the surrounding teeth, but dental implants don’t need this procedure, which means that more of your dental tissue is left intact. Also, simply living with missing teeth comes with oral health risks such as increased susceptibility to gum disease, and eventually, those with missing teeth may find that the condition has caused other teeth in their mouth to shift and even come loose. Keep in mind that when you’re figuring out the potential coast of implants, it’s important to factor in the cost of not getting them.

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The following steps are designed to help you find a source of affordable dental implants in Houston that’s right for you.

Step 1 — Ask Family and Friends

Word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising, so don’t hesitate to ask family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even acquaintances for recommendations. If the name of a local dentist comes up several times in a positive way, that’s a good indication that the dentist is competent and highly skilled.

Step 2 — Read Online Reviews

Online reviews aren’t just for restaurants and vacation rentals — they also exist for those offering professional services, including dentists. Be sure to check the online reviews of dentists that you’re considering using for implants or other oral health services. Be particularly alert to common themes — one bad review shouldn’t necessarily rule a dentist out, but several bad reviews may be an indication that you need to keep looking.

Step 3 — Check Professional Credentials

You can check the credentials of any dentist simply by going to their website. There should be a description of the dentist’s professional credentials on their “about ” page or biography. The dentist should have graduated from an accredited dentistry school and hold either a Doctor of Dentistry Surgery (DDS) degree or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDS) degree. If the dentist has neither degree listed, don’t be afraid to call their office and ask about credentials. After all, you have every right to request this kind of information before you allow someone to perform an important dental procedure on your mouth.

Step 4 — Schedule a Consultation

Any reputable dentist will agree to an initial consultation with no commitment on either side. If a dental practice won’t agree to this, consider it a big red flag and move on.

First Things First

The first thing you need to know about implants is whether or not they’re a good solution for your particular dental issues. Are you in good overall dental health? Is your mouth free of gum disease and do you have enough bone tissue to support implants? If so, it may be time to schedule a free dental implants consultation in order to explore the possibility of implants further. However, don’t despair if you don’t meet the above criteria. Fortunately, gum disease is a highly reversible condition when it’s caught early enough, and your dentist may recommend bone grafts in the jaw area if your current bone tissue isn’t substantial en

Some people only need implants for one or two missing teeth, while others need them for several missing teeth in a row. Full mouth dental implants are also available as an option for those who would otherwise need dentures. These provide a more authentic appearance than dentures, are far more comfortable, and mimic the functionality of your natural teeth.

Your dentist should be able to provide you with a reasonable estimate of what you can expect to pay for implants after an initial examination.

The Implant Procedure

Another thing that has a significant effect on dental implants prices is the procedure itself. For instance, you’re going to pay a lot less for your implants if your jaw tissue is healthy, strong, and of sufficient mass to be able to support implants, the overall implant procedure will come with a lower price tag than if you needed bone tissue grafts. The cost of full mouth dental implants will definitely have a higher price point than if you only need two or three implants. Those with gum disease will need to get that issue under control before they can have implants installed, but this shouldn’t cost too much unless it’s in the advanced stages — it’s mostly a matter of stepping up your oral hygiene game and using antibacterial products designed to minimize gum disease issues.

All On 4 Dental Implants

Your dentist can tell you whether you’re a good candidate for all on 4 dental implants. As its name implies, this option involves installing an entire row of separate prosthetic teeth on just four implants rather than each prosthetic tooth being supported by its own implant. These types of implants often involve a lower price point because they involve a far lesser degree of oral surgery than their traditional counterparts.

Caring for Your Implants

No matter what you pay for your implants, proper aftercare is an essential component of getting your money’s worth. It’s important that you practice good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing on a regular basis as well as having regular dental checkups. Your dentist will probably recommend a low-abrasive tooth cleanser designed specifically for use on prosthetic teeth supported by implants.

Experience Matters

One of the biggest mistakes made by those seeking to minimize the cost of implants or other procedures is going to a dentist who is inexperienced with implant procedures. It’s imperative to keep in mind that no dental procedure is a one-size-fits-all undertaking, and complex procedures such as all on 4 dental implants can end up costing you way more than they should if performed by someone who doesn’t possess significant experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as how many of these procedures the dentist has performed so far, and be wary of anyone who promises that you’re a good candidate for any procedure without first doing a thorough dental examination and evaluation.

If you are considering affordable dental care or dental implants in Houston, Texas, please feel free to contact our dental office at your earliest convenience to schedule a free dental implants consultation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions honestly and thoroughly, including any that you may have concerning the overall costs of having implants installed.

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