Are You Preparing To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you preparing to get your wisdom teeth removed ? It is natural to feel nervous about the process because you don’t know what to expect. Here is a go-to guide that gives you an inside look at what to expect before and >after your wisdom teeth removal procedure. This guide will give you insight into things you need to know and be aware of as well as ensure fast recovery. Read more and prepare yourself:

Is it necessary to get your wisdom teeth removed? Wisdom teeth need to be removed because there’s not enough space in our jaws to support them. Because there is not enough room in our Jaws, our wisdom teeth need to come out. When your wisdom teeth come in, they tend to come in at an angle. When they don’t fully emerge, this tends to cause a problem.

Our jaws are smaller because of what we eat. The type of diet we consume lack key nutrients that allow the jaw to develop properly. Vitamin K2 is a key vitamin specifically for jaw development. It takes the calcium that is in the body and applies it to the bones. The reason why we lack the proper nutrients is that we all grow up eating different kinds of food and most of us don’t eat foods that are rich in vitamin K2.

The type of foods that are rich in vitamin K2 is liver organ meat as well as animals that are grass-fed not just with grain or corn. If you were born in the 90s chances are that you have vitamin K2 deficiency. There was a low-fat food Trend that started in the 90s which is when factory farming got started. When factory farming got started, that was the end of vitamin K2 in our diets. Our ancestors did not eat the modern-day diet full of artificial preservatives in sugar. They had great jaw development, and they had room for all 32 teeth to come in straight.

Wisdom teeth are sometimes called third molars. When third molars come in they often damage the second molars which are closest to the third molars. This notion is where the damage begins. There is a common recommendation that dentist prefer to remove wisdom teeth before the problem arises. If you decide not to get your wisdom teeth removed and you noticed that there’s a problem in the future complicated surgery will be involved.

What happens if you don’t have your wisdom teeth removed?

The reason for getting your wisdom teeth taken out is to prevent them from damaging your other teeth. Most of the time wisdom teeth come in sideways next to your second molars. When your wisdom teeth come in sideways, it can cause decay in your teeth, a painful infection, create an area where bacteria and food get trapped while causing a bad bite. Not getting your wisdom teeth taken out can lead to complications and issues in the future. Whether or not you get your wisdom teeth to grow in there is a chance that the epithelial lining around the wisdom tooth can become cancerous if not taken out earlier than later. This piece of advice is for people who still have wisdom teeth in the bone that haven’t emerged yet. If you are one of the people lucky enough to be born without wisdom teeth, this article does not apply to you. A percentage of the population is born without wisdom teeth, and they never have to worry about surgery or getting their wisdom teeth taken out unless they have any other Dental issues.

The best time to get your wisdom teeth taken out is before the route is fully formed. If you hesitate to get your wisdom teeth taken out before the root is formed, then it’s harder for extraction because the molars have developed. If you get the surgery before the root develops in the surgery will go easier, and you’ll have less of recovery time. Another Ideal time to have your wisdom teeth removed is at the start of summer break when your life is simple your health is good, and your stress levels are low. This is also an ideal time to have your child’s wisdom teeth removed too. At least they will have someone to take care of them along with you having time to find an ideal surgeon without having to settle at the last minute.

How long should you wait to get them removed?

The question to ask yourself is if it will get worse if you decide to wait? Removing wisdom teeth can prove to be complicated if the teeth are impacted. Sometimes it is a good idea to wait. An example of this is if your wisdom teeth come late. If your wisdom teeth have come late, it is possible that you may have enough room for them to come in. It is a good idea to ask a dentist or a surgeon to be able to predict whether you have space for your wisdom teeth or not.

How long does it take to recover from getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Typical recovery time takes about a week. Sometimes the recovery process can take his little as four days if no complications arise. Ultimately the recovery time depends on what type of anesthesia you chose if you have chosen local anesthesia you’ll be able to recover a lot faster than you would if you have chosen any other. Your nutrition during recovery can also determine how long your recovery time is. The famous myth is that if you had your wisdom teeth taken out your nutrition diet should consist of ice cream and soft foods. This myth is usually true and faster recovery time can be achieved if ice cream is consumed as part of the recovery process to soothe teeth and gums. The last aspect of recovery time is following proper protocol after surgery which includes not using a straw, keeping your head elevated and went back to brushing your teeth too soon after surgery is complete.


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