Dental Related Health Problems

Dental Related Health Problems

Dental Related Health Problems: Most people do not visit a dentist until a situation arises where seeking a dentist is required. The question is: why do people wait until the last minute to visit a dentist? Visiting the dentist office is not something you do every day or often at all. Yes, you make appointments regularly, but a dentist visit can easily slip your mind when the time comes for a simple checkup. Let’s face it most of us are busy with work, family life, and other obligations that we tend to put the things that we think can wait on the backburner and tend to it when we find the time? If you don’t find time to fit an appointment in your schedule when will you have time? Ignoring an issue will not make it go away especially when your health is at risk. Here are five signs that you need to see your dentist:

Bleeding Gums:

Bleeding gums are a cause for concern because when your gums are healthy, they do not bleed. Gums should not bleed on their while brushing, or while rubbing. Gums that bleed are a sign of inflammation. Don’t ignore bleeding gums because taking care of your gums are a serious part of taking care of your dental healthy besides clean teeth. The reason why you should book a dentist appointment is that inflamed gums usually lead to a more serious problem like periodontal problems if your gums are left untreated. Gum recession (gums being pushed back), bone loss, and abscesses can and do happen to those who let bleeding gums go untreated and neglect dentist appointments. Visiting a dentist without missing a checkup can help your dentist to spot these problems early on. He or she can give you treatment, so you can go on about your busy life knowing that you are tackling a problem thus being productive. A helpful advice tip is to use white toothpaste if you are not sure whether your gums bleed when you brush them. With white toothpaste, you can see if your gums are bleeding rather than toothpaste that has colors in them.

If you have any question or concern about your oral health, make an appointment with one of our dental specialists today.

Sensitive Teeth:

Did you know that teeth contain nerves that perceive pain? When you have sensitive teeth, you pick up on pain from hot or cold temperatures. You can even have tooth pain from eating sweets. Other causes of sensitivity can be from having cavities or having a defective filling. These things cause not only discomfort but can make sensitivity worse. Plaque that builds up can make sensitivity worse too, but all that is needed to alleviate the problem is dental cleaning. It can be done in one appointment which makes it convenient. You can also use toothpaste that is designed to be used on sensitive teeth. If sensitive teeth have developed suddenly, you are urged to go straight to the dentist. There may be a larger problem at work here.

Red, Tender, & Swollen Gums:

Red, tender and swollen gums are everything that healthy gums are not. Healthy gums are pink, strong, and firm. Healthy gums do not hurt or react badly to brushing, rubbing, or eating. Swollen and tender gums mean that inflammation of the gums has hit an advanced stage. A dentist appointment is needed to figure out a diagnosis and treatment options. Neglecting any problems dealing with your gums can lead to worse. For example, food can build up in your gums, and an infection can be the result of it. The result is called an abscess. It comes about when plaque is present, and the tissue in the gums weakens and becomes less healthy. An acute infection can arise when gums are inflamed around the gum flap of the wisdom teeth. Severe discomfort can be felt, and if left untreated an acute infection occurs.

Halitosis (Bad Breath):

Bad breath can be caused by some things that include diet, acid reflux, sinus infection, dry mouth, medication, hormones, diabetes and gum disease. The most common causes of bad breath are gum disease and plaque because of the bacteria that is contained in plaque when it builds up. Mouthwashes and breath mints can be a quick fix to this unless you have halitosis. Halitosis is a form of bad breath, but it is defined as persistent bad breath. You have halitosis if you have tried everything to eliminate bad breath and nothing seems to work. It is safe to say that you have a regular form of bad breath if brushing your teeth or mouthwash fixes the problem. You may notice that people may avoid close contact with you or whispering if you have halitosis. Halitosis does not go away on its own, so it is in your best interest to visit a dentist to check out the problem as soon as you can.


During pregnancy, you will experience changes in your hormone levels as well as the postpartum state. These hormone changes make it easy for plaque and inflammation to cause adverse reactions. There is such thing as pregnancy gingivitis. It can be treated or avoided altogether with good dental habits and frequent cleanings. Periodontal and gum related problems during pregnancy have been linked to low birth weight. It is worth a dentist trip for you and your baby’s sake.

People visiting the dentist at the last minute is not unheard of. It happens all the time. In fact, most of the people who visit the dentist when something goes wrong have never had a dental problem in their life. They are just simply ‘too busy.’ The people who claim they are healthy and can put off a dental appointment wait until a problem arises and they pay for it in a costly way. The problem could have been avoided with a trip to the dentist. The dentist could have detected the problem early enough to treat the underlying issue, so it did not escalate into a more serious problem.

Maybe you do not have dental insurance? You can always shop around for dental insurance in the meanwhile. In all actuality, the cost of a routine dental cleaning and a checkup is quite affordable when compared to something avoidable like a crown or root canal.

Although you may be busy remember to make smart choices and keep up with your health. We, at Omega Dental Specialist, make it our goal to provide affordable, quality dental service to you and your family. Book an appointment with us at