Pantea A Ahmadi



Pantea A Ahmadi




Registered Dental Hygienist



Registered Dental Hygienist Wharton College, Wharton, TX


Pantea is one of the many smiling faces who will greet you when you arrive. She began her career in dentistry more than 16 years ago in the local Houston area. Pantea has a passion for helping others who are struggling to maintain a healthy hygiene by routinely assisting and scheduling them for check-up and cleaning sessions every 6 months for most patients and every 3 months on periodontal cases. She understands that many people, particularly children, are reluctant to visit the dentist. As a professional who is passionate about registered dental hygiene, she wants to help people not only with deep cleaning but also to help them feel more comfortable.

To that end, Pantea works hard to stay up to date on the latest information in the field of dentistry. She knows that this is a field that is evolving rapidly and she works hard to make sure that the practice stays on top of the latest information in the field…

Even from the first time she entered the field, she knows that the methods, tools, and techniques have changed significantly. By staying up to date on these changes, she is able to provide the best possible care in Houston, Texas.

After finishing high school, Pantea went on to become a registered dental hygienist. She studied at the Wharton College located in Wharton, TX, finishing in 2004. From there, she started her career working for many top dental offices in The Greater Houston Area. During her many years spent with those practices, she was able to perfect her techniques, allowing her to provide high-quality care to anyone that comes into this office for a cleaning session.

In addition to her work in dental hygiene, Pantea also possesses numerous skills in the world of language arts, as she is fluent in German and likes to practice on a regular basis. Behind her dental skills is a woman who is passionate about patient care. Her time priority is to make sure that every patient receives the quality dental care that they deserve.

In her free time, Pantea loves to cook. She always has a new recipe that she is trying to perfect and likes to share her cooking skills with others. In addition, she is also a skilled pianist and can commonly be found sitting behind the piano playing for others. Finally, Pantea also likes to keep herself in shape with morning jogs and runs. She even exercises her mind, meditating on a regular basis.

Who is a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist is a trained professional who works alongside the dentist and assists with a variety of tasks. They can also work directly with patients in different roles. For instance, one day they might apply a sealant, and the next they might instruct a patient on the proper way to floss. From investigative X-rays to routine cleanings, a dental hygienist has to be ready for anything.

When you see a dental hygienist, feel free to ask questions about your teeth and gums. Many patients mistakenly think that their oral health is separate from their general health, but the truth is that the two are very much connected. Many symptoms, such as dry mouth or pain, can be traced to chronic conditions or serious diseases.

A dental hygienist is there to help you understand how you can make better decisions for your oral health. They can also help you notice if something is wrong. Many patients will ignore or misinterpret warning signs. The right hygienist can be instrumental in helping you become more aware of your health. When you’re proactive, it makes it that much easier to maintain your good health.

How Often Do I Need a Dental Cleaning?

The standard advice is every 6 months. If you visit the dentist at least twice a year, it ensures the doctor can catch problems early on. For instance, let’s say that you have a small cavity, and the dentist is able to identify it in its very early stages. Your treatment plan will be very different because the cavity was never given the chance to grow any larger. Instead of a complex root canal, all you need is a simple filling.

Of course, how often you need cleaning is dependent on your individual oral healthcare needs. Those who are prone to dental issues may need a professional cleaning every 6 months. People who are more diligent in taking care of their teeth and gums (or those who are just naturally resistant to dental problems) may only need to go every 9 months or a year.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover a Dental Cleaning?

Every dental insurance plan is different, but typically all of them will cover at least a portion of standard dental cleanings. Please note that there are different types of dental cleanings though. For example, if you were seeking a more involved procedure, such as deep cleaning, this may or may not be reimbursed at the same rate as a routine dental cleaning.

If you have questions about your insurance plan, it may be useful to either call your provider or read over the terms of your insurance. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the right plan for you. Those who need standard care may opt for a more basic plan while those who need intensive services will choose something more comprehensive plan.

Once you know what is and isn’t covered, you should have a better idea of how to choose a policy that fits with your customized healthcare plan. A dental hygienist can also give you a general idea of what your treatments will be from year to year, making it easier to ensure you can find insurance that works for you.