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Despite the pain that you are most likely suffering if you have impacted wisdom teeth, one of your main concerns is probably the average cost of wisdom teeth removal. Your price to take out wisdom teeth is dependent on the specific procedure you will need. Your average cost of wisdom tooth extraction without insurance will be higher than if you have a dental policy. When considering tooth extraction cost Houston, it’s essential to weigh your options carefully.

Omega Dental offers experienced and skilled dentists in Midtown and Downtown Houston for wisdom teeth extraction. The type of anesthesia used by your oral surgeon or dentist is dependent on the complexity of your procedure and your required level of comfort including local, sedation and general anesthesia. If you receive local anesthesia, you will be given injections close to where your tooth will be extracted.

Your gums will be numbed prior to your injections to help ensure you do not feel any pain. You will be awake during your extraction. You will feel some movement and a little pressure, but no pain. If your extraction is more complex, you may be given sedation anesthesia through an IV line placed in your arm. You will not experience any pain during your procedure. Your gums will be numbed with local anesthesia.

Depending on the specifics of your situation, you may receive general anesthesia. This involves an IV line, inhaling medication or both. You will be asleep during your extraction, with your blood pressure, temperature, medication, fluids and breathing carefully monitored by the Omega Dental surgical team. You will not remember your procedure or feel any pain.

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The following steps are used for your extraction

  • Your wisdom teeth will be exposed with an incision placed in your gum tissue
  • Bone will be removed to provide access to the root of your tooth
  • Your tooth will be divided, then removed in sections
  • The area will be cleaned, with any bone or tooth debris removed
  • If necessary, healing is promoted by stitching your incision closed
  • Gauze is used in the area to control bleeding and enhance the formation of a blood clot

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost Break Down and Facts

When your wisdom teeth become impacted, you will experience swelling towards the back of the jaw. Your wisdom tooth extraction cost can be as much as $550 for one tooth. This is the average price in Midtown and Downtown Houston for a fully bony impaction. This type of impaction is seen most frequently by Omega Dental. If there are any complications, your cost can increase.

The cost of your extraction is dependent on the condition and position of your third molar or wisdom teeth in your jaw such as the broken wisdom tooth extraction cost. Your wisdom teeth extraction requires surgery for the removal of your wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth are located on the top and bottom of your mouth in the far back corners. You have two wisdom teeth on top and two on the bottom.

If there is not enough room available for the growth of your wisdom teeth, they will become impacted. The result is usually dental issues, infection and pain. In this instance, your wisdom teeth will need to be extracted. Your procedure can be handled by an oral surgeon or a dentist. Omega Dental Specialists in Houston sometimes recommend extracting your wisdom teeth to prevent potential issues in the future even if they are not currently impacted.

Your wisdom teeth are your final permanent teeth to erupt. Most people get wisdom teeth when they are between 17 and 25. Wisdom teeth may never develop in your mouth, they might erupt correctly and you may not have any issues. Your wisdom teeth might also not have enough room for normal development. If your wisdom teeth become impacted, it means they have not erupted at all or only erupted partially. Your wisdom teeth may:

  • Grow toward the back of your mouth at an angle
  • Grow toward the closest tooth at an angle
  • Grow straight but become trapped within your jawbone
  • Grow lying down or at a right angle

If you experience any of the following issues with your wisdom teeth, there is a good chance they must be extracted.

  • Pain
  • Surround bone or nearby teeth are damaged
  • Periodontal diseases including gum diseases and infection
  • Straightening your teeth results in orthodontic complications
  • Debris and food become trapped behind your wisdom teeth
  • A cyst develops around your wisdom teeth
  • Partially erupted wisdom teeth with tooth decay

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost Break Down for Different Issues

Your wisdom teeth removal cost is dependent on your specific situation. The prices for the most common extractions include:

  • Erupted: The average cost for an erupted tooth is $300. Your price range is $200 to $700.
  • Impacted Beneath Soft Tissue: The average cost for an impacted tooth beneath soft tissue is $350. Your price range is $250 to $850.
  • Impacted and Partially Bony: The average cost for an impacted and partially bony tooth is $450. Your price range is $300 to $950.
  • Impacted and Fully Bony: The average cost for an impacted and fully bony tooth is $550. Your price range is $350 to $1,100

Erupted Wisdom Teeth

Most individuals have four wisdom teeth, two on the bottom and two on top. Impacted wisdom teeth can damage your other teeth, cause pain and result in other dental issues. In certain instances, there are no immediate or apparent issues from impacted wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth are more difficult to clean, making them more vulnerable to gum disease and tooth decay.

When your wisdom teeth cause dental issues or pain, they should be extracted. Your average cost is $300, but you should not have to pay more than $700. When your wisdom tooth has erupted through your gums, it is easier to reach. This is the least expensive and simplest type of extraction. If you have your extraction performed by a specialist such as an oral surgeon, your cost will increase.

Your wisdom tooth can also be extracted by a general dentist for a lower cost. The procedure generally requires approximately 20 minutes, so you should not require much anesthetic.

Teeth Beneath Soft Tissue

Wisdom teeth usually erupt incorrectly and become impacted. Soft tissue is a type of impaction. This means your wisdom teeth have erupted through part of your bone, but remain trapped in the gingiva. Having an extraction helps prevent potential issues in the future. The average cost of wisdom teeth removal for a soft tissue impaction in the United States is $250 to $850. Your average cost at Omega Dental is $350.

Not only is your wisdom tooth extraction cost higher due to the slightly more complex nature of the procedure, but there is a good chance you are experiencing pain and swelling. A small incision in your tissue is necessary for soft tissue extraction. After your tooth has been extracted, stitches may be necessary. If so, your stitches will be dissolved in a few days.

If there is significant trauma, Omega Dental may use non-dissolvable stitches. This means you will need to return to the office to have your stitches removed. In most cases, this is a fairly simple procedure.

Partially Bony Wisdom Teeth

Partially bony means your wisdom teeth had enough room to erupt partially. Your tooth is unable to function correctly while chewing and results in several issues including difficulty with cleaning. Your wisdom teeth removal cost is higher because this procedure is more complex. Your average cost is $450, with your price range between $300 and $950. In this instance, sedation might be necessary.

The cost of your anesthesia is dependent on the length of your procedure. Increments of 15 minutes are used to charge for anesthesia. This means your cost can significantly increase. Two incisions will be made by your dental professional, the first in your gums, the second in the bone around your wisdom teeth. Your socket will be widened by rocking your tooth backward and forward.

Sectioning your tooth might be necessary during your extraction. This is dependant on the condition of your tooth and your bone density. Your wisdom tooth might be cut to enable the removal of smaller pieces. Although you may experience some pressure, you should not feel any pain.

Fully Bony Wisdom Teeth

Fully bony means your wisdom teeth did not have enough space to properly erupt. Your tooth might be partly visible or embedded within your jaw bone. Your wisdom tooth extraction cost will be much higher because a complicated surgical technique is required for extraction. If your wisdom teeth are in an unusual position, your extraction is more difficult.

This can happen if the size or shape of your facial structures or jaw bone results in a significantly more complicated extraction. Your average cost for a fully bony extraction is $550, with a price range between $350 and $1,100. If your wisdom teeth are trapped beneath your gums and within your jaw, you will probably need to have them extracted.

Omega dental specialists in Houston generally recommend sedation. An incision will be placed in your gums and the bone around your wisdom teeth. Your tooth will probably be cut to enable an extraction in smaller pieces. This ensures the opening can be smaller, decreasing the time you need to recover and heal.

Other Associated Costs

When you ask how much does it cost to remove wisdom tooth, you need to consider the associated cost as well.

Associated Costs for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

  • Dental examination $100 $50 to $200
  • Cone Beam CAT Scan $330 $150 to $750
  • Anesthesia $260 $100 to $500
  • Periapical X-ray $35 $25 to $50
  • Panoramic X-ray $130 $100 to $250

You may require one or more of these procedures. You need to allow for the additional expense. The decision regarding what is required for your individual needs will be made by your dentist.

Typical Dental Insurance Coverage for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you do not have dental insurance, you will need to pay the costs for your extraction out-of-pocket. A maximum of 80 percent of your cost may be covered by your insurance policy. The majority of dental insurance policies and plans cover the extraction of your wisdom teeth when it is medically required. Your extraction might also be covered by your health insurance.

The majority of dental insurance plans include an annual maximum. In this instance, you might have to schedule any necessary procedures throughout a period of several years whenever possible. The coverage of three different insurance companies is defined below.

Dental Blue Individual Plan

  • The monthly fee is $35.95 for individuals below the age of 65
  • The deductible is $75
  • 50 percent of major dental work is covered
  • Major dental work has a one-year waiting period
  • The yearly limit is $1,000

Cigna Dental 1000

  • The monthly fee is a minimum of $30
  • The deductible is $50
  • 50 percent of major dental work is covered
  • Major dental work has a one-year waiting period
  • The yearly limit is $1,000

Dental Preventative Plus Pro

  • The monthly fee is a #20.00 with an enrollment fee of $35
  • The deductible is $50
  • 50 percent of major dental work is covered
  • Major dental work has a six-month waiting period
  • The yearly limit is $1,000

Dental Discount Plans

Obtaining a dental discount plan is recommended. You can use this type of plan independently or in conjunction with your insurance once you have reached your limit. You will be responsible for paying a fee annually or monthly. You then receive a decrease between 10 and 60 percent for every dental procedure. Unlike dental insurance, you do not need to fill out any paperwork.

Discount plans do not have an annual limit or require procedures to be medically necessary. Dental discount plans offer coverage for all different kinds of treatments including cosmetic.