Mar 09

Dental Insurance

If you have a house full of family members, the easiest and cheapest way to go about finding dental insurance is to sign up for a family dental insurance plan. It’s cheaper than getting insurance individually. When you get family dental insurance, you can put everyone in your home under the same group. Sometimes with most of the family dental insurances, the bigger your group is, the more you can save on premiums deductibles and other expenses. There are other ways to benefit from having family health insurance. If you are looking to sign up for a dental insurance plan, you need to ask these questions first: how much is dental insurance? does insurance cover dental implants? how to get dental insurance? is dental insurance worth it? does dental insurance cover braces? what is the best dental insurance? 

Customized Dental Plan:

You can customize each family members coverage if your insurance allows. What makes family dental insurance worthwhile is the fact that each family member can choose their dentist and they can also have their specific coverage. A good example of this is if a daughter is going to need braces at some point you can customize her coverage in a dental plan to cover orthodontic services. Those of you who don’t need braces won’t have to pay premiums for orthodontic coverage that you’ll never use. Customizable options will vary and no depend on a specific policy that you signed up for.


Have you decided whether to buy PPO or HMO insurance?

In case you are unsure of what makes them different. An HMO plan lets you choose a doctor within the network who you will make your primary. If you choose to see a doctor out of network, you must pay the entire cost of the treatment out of pocket because the insurance plan won’t cover it. HMO can be limiting but it can work for you if you don’t want to pay for the extra care you won’t need. The premiums for HMO are low as well as the deductibles. If you know you are going to need a lot of work done, consider an HMO plan. The cost tends to be lower than a PPO plan. The usual co-pay for HMO is $5-$10.

With PPO, you can see any doctor in or out of the network and still be covered. These plans are best for those who will need more dental treatment than average. This plan also allows you to see a  dental specialist without having to be referred by your primary care provider. Premiums are higher for this plan and there is a deductible.

Is dental insurance worth it?

You can feel secure knowing that you and your family have dental insurance when and if a need arises. Research shows that people who do not have dental insurance are more likely to need expensive treatments that include extractions, dentures, and emergency room treatments. They are less likely to get preventative care.

Take Advantage of Preventative Care:

It is great that you are considering a family dental insurance plan. You are already thinking of ways to save money on treatments. Once you have a dental plan set for your family you can save money in the long run by taking advantage of preventative care. Dental plans encourage preventative care. Its why some dental plans pay all of the costs associated with preventative care such as cleanings, x-rays, and check-ups. Taking preventative measures to maintain dental health can save you money because you and the family are actively taking care of your teeth which decreases the chances for gum disease, oral surgery, and other costly ailments.


Does insurance cover dental implants?

Once you get familiar with your new family dental plan you’ll know how much your insurance covers. You will be aware of how much your co-pays will be when you enter the dentist office. For basic restoration services (fillings and periodontal cleanings) most plans will cover 80% of the cost. For procedures like crowns and implants, it is common to get a 50% reimbursement.

Discount Dental Plan:

Most of the time you can combine a discount dental plan with your family insurance. To be sure, check with your insurance provider to confirm. A discount dental plan can help you to save money on your monthly premium payments. Discount dental plans are worth shopping around for. Dental discount plans are extremely affordable and only costs a couple of dollars a month to keep it. If you find one that is right for you then you can take advantage of dental discounts and savings. Example of savings is 50% off cleanings, 60% off of root canals, or 30% off of orthodontic work.

How to get dental insurance?

It also helps to comparison-shop and look at various dental insurance plans that you think you may want. To find the best plan, compare until you find the best policy. Take your time finding a quality plan. If you take your time to shop around you will be less likely to want to change your plan in the future unless you realize that you may want to add or remove certain benefits.


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