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What is Root Canal Surgery?

A root canal, or endodontic treatment, is when infected or inflamed pulp tissue is removed from the inside of a damaged tooth. The hollowed out inside of the tooth will be meticulously cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. The affected tooth will then be refilled and sealed up using a material similar to rubber called gutta-percha. If the root canal treatment was not successful, the infected tooth can be treated by apical surgery. The endodontist can clean the infection by accessing the apex through the gum.

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When do I need Root Canal Surgery?

Patients require a root canal when the interior of a tooth becomes badly infected or inflamed. Frequently, patients wait until the infection or inflammation becomes very painful. Inflammation or infection severe enough to require a root canal can be caused by faulty crowns, a deep cavity, too frequent or faulty dental work, or a chip or crack in the tooth. There is little reason to fear this procedure, modern anesthetic can make a root canal largely pain free with some recovery time. If you have any questions regarding root canals do not hesitate to consult your dental professional.

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What Is The Cost Of A Root Canal Surgery?

The costs of your root canal treatment may usually be covered by your dental insurance plan or extended dental coverage. If you are looking for more information about a specific service and the costs associated, contact one of our representatives for help. Our treatment coordinators can help you come up with an affordable way for you to pay for the oral health services you need. For more savings visit our specials page, sign up for our informational newsletter below, and like our Facebook page.

How To Pay For Your Dental Treatment?

Don’t worry if you have reached the maximum cap with your insurance provider for the year or do not otherwise have coverage to pay for your dental treatment, there are other options available.
We offer a convenient list of options for making payment arrangements, and we work hard to make many third-party lenders and other types of credit programs available for our patients.

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